The cake has been ordered, the centerpieces chosen, the dress altered. There is nothing to do but wait- and worry about what might go wrong. This is a good time for a facial and full body massage to reduce pre-wedding stress. A spa is just the place to pamper- or prepare- the harried bride before her walk down the aisle toward matrimonial bliss.

Toronto's aptly named spa, Featuring...You, helps brides accomplish what is so very difficult on the eve of their wedding: relaxation. After weeks of running around, making appointments, attending fittings, and stressing out over seating plans, the bride can give herself a breather- along with an aromatherapy massage, crystal peel, facial and a manicure, too.

Featuring...You, founded in 1984, offers a number of wedding spa packages for the bride, groom or entire bridal party. Specializing in bridal hair and makeup, their bespoke services are tailored to meet the needs of the bride and her wedding party working up to the special day, rejuvenating and transforming both the physical and emotional well-beings of their clients.

Mary Orlando, the soft-spoken owner of Featuring...You, is well-accustomed to meeting a bride's every need. With over three hundred weddings a year, it's crucial to know what a bride wants to avoid the headaches, the heartache and the stress of a look gone awry. "At Featuring... You, we know how important it is to spend time with the bride: what's her style, her personality? what does she envision for her wedding and how can we make this experience as simple and pleasurable as possible? We've even created a separate line at the spa so that brides can call and get all their questions answered without interruption and with the full attention of our specialists."

The spa, knowing only too well what it's like to plan a wedding, offers a number of services for the bride-to-be. Consultations and extensive preparation six months prior to the wedding assure your skin and hair look great for the big day. The spa offers brides a portfolio of looks to choose or get inspiration from.

The spa recommends that brides schedule a detailed test run six months prior to the wedding in order to experiment and perfect a look for the big day. During this oh-so-very important appointment, brides meet up with one of Featuring...You's makeup artists and hairstylists to coordinate their hair and makeup with the wedding's theme and gown. These professionals will be with the bride from the planning of the first look to the final toasts.

After the test-run, brides enter into a booking contract with the spa, which will take into account all the details of the day including ceremony time, photography sessions and the aesthetic needs of your wedding party.

Says Orlando, "Our brides appreciate our comprehensive services. Our hair and makeup artists will start at six in the morning to be at the bride's pre-wedding photo shoot, and they'll be there until late that night doing touch ups and helping her transition from the ceremony to the reception."

A frenzied bride has got to have good backup, and this usually takes the form of a bridesmaid. While embroiled in wedding plans, it's important to take some time to relax together. For this reason, it's becoming increasingly common for the bride to eschew the traditional bachelorette party for a relaxing respite at the spa. Featuring...You's spa day packages such as "The Bridal Package" or "The Spa Classic" are perfect for a relaxing bridal bash. Facials, manicures, pedicures and massage in Featuring...You's private, comfortable facilities provide a welcome respite from pre-wedding stress, and give a bride some time for last minute heart-to-heart talks with girlfriends before being whisked away on her honeymoon. The most popular treatments for brides is the microdermabrasion, also known as the "crystal peel", which deeply exfoliates and improve your skin's texture for healthy, glowing results, and hydradermie, which stimulates your skin for a tightened, toned and radiant complexion.

On the day of the wedding, Featuring...You's experts arrive on location the bridal party get ready. Rest assured there will be no last-minute surprises- careful planning and extensive preparations allow the bride to sit back and relax before taking those momentous steps down the aisle. For his and hers pre-wedding pampering, there are also treatments catering to gentleman only, including skin analysis, facial, manicure and massage.

"We have also tailored our services to destination weddings, which are becoming increasingly popular among couples," interjects Orlando. "A lot of brides travel down South to get married, but they're not comfortable using the services available on location. We offer them what we call a hands-on makeup lessons. We help them decide upon a look, adapting their cosmetics and look to the climate and the mood of the event, and then we teach them how create it professionally on themselves, answering all their questions along the way. This service allows brides to feel comfortable in the look they have chosen and they don't have to worry about any disasters in the eleventh-hour."

Featuring... You offers a dizzying array of services, all designed to make clients look and feel their best. Technological advances and an ever-evolving catalogue of products and services are making an impact on guests, who relish the spa's commitment to delivering exceptional treatment and exquisite customer care.

Each of the spa's expert estheticians, hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians and massage therapists are committed to the concept of total body wellness, taking the time to find the right treatments and link it to his or her lifestyle. Employing a range of specialist treatments and premium products, You's highly trained therapists attend to clients with refreshing attention and care.

As Orlando explains, "Featuring...You is not only a name, but a philosophy. When a client walks in, they are featured. The staff knows that when they're on the floor, they're on a stage- and the client is a star. We worry about the little details... so our clients don't have to and for them, it's worth every penny."

There is no better time to indulge than when preparing to tie the knot. At a time when your emotions, stresses, pressures, hopes and fears are at an all-time high, a little relaxation- and a little help- goes a long way. Never mind the caterer, the band, photographer; to relax and refresh your wedding-weary mind and body, book an appointment at Featuring...You.

Orlando's parting advice for brides: schedule early, don't fuss over the minor details- they usually iron themselves out- and "glide through the day...because it's yours."

- Tania Lye