We only stock the highest quality skincare and haircare lines available. Explore the many products available for you to add to your homecare regimen.

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A flawless complexion is the one universal trait that wins the envy of us all.

Guinot skincare products are developed in France by leading scientists and constantly reviewed and reformulated to take into account the latest scientific discoveries and the newest most effective active ingredients.

The best cream in the world will do nothing for you if it's not appropriate for your skin. Our estheticians analyze your skin and establish a personalized skincare program to suit your needs and produce spectacular results.

Using GUINOT professional skincare products anyone can achieve a flawless complexion.

Men are lucky they have a more resistant skin than women since it is 16-24% thicker, 22% firmer and naturally rich in collagen Guinot's Tres homme professional Skin Care line for men incorporates active ingredients which are biologically adapted to the specific characteristics of male skin.

Tinta translates to "colors". Tinta's extensive line of cosmetics includes a wide range of products for any skin type or color. Tinta Cosmetics are hypoallergenic and contain no fragrance, talc or other potential irritants. Whether you want a little bit of smoke or a whole lot of fire, getting the season's latest look is simple with Tinta. From professional make up brushes that facilitate make up application to specialized make up kits, eyeshadows and lipsticks creating a style is easy with Tinta Cosmetics.

The average person takes 8-10 thousand steps a day, of the bones in our bodies are found in our feet and it's estimated that 75% of the population will experience foot problems at some point in their lives. That's why regular & attentive foot care is necessary. AKILEINE footcare system was developed by a team of pharmacists after years of research and careful testing under medical control. This specialized line of footcare treatment products is recognized worldwide for its superior quality and results.

Australian Bodycare's line of products contains Tea Tree Oil-the strongest natural antiseptic known to man. Tea Tree is a natural anesthetic, bactericide and anti-fungicide and can promote cell and tissue growth. It penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin (with no side affects) to kill surface bacteria and germs, calm and reduce redness.

Australian Tea Tree Lotion used after waxing reduces ingrowns and redness almost immediately! Tea Tree Lotion/Oil is a multitude of products in one and a must for everyone's medicine cabinet.

Ecrinal Unique Nail & Lash products contain A.N.P (horse's mane extract) and cysteine-keratin compound which is referred to as "liquid fingernail".

Ecrinal Nail Products aid in the acceleration of growth but promote thicker, stronger, healthier nails with whiter tips and brighter nail beds, get rid of ridges and eliminates damages from other nail products and artificial nails.

Ecrinal Lash Products promote healthy growth and longer & stronger lashes.

While nail polish color trends are sure to fluctuate over the next decade, we believe the natural nail trend will increase. Essie's clean, sheer; light polish colors give your nails a brighter, whiter healthier look.

Therapeutic nail care line includes cuticle; hand and nailcare products, which help, build healthy nails.

The protein formulas bond the nail layers together building a strong nail foundation resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.

Nail Polish has become for fingertips and toes what make up is to the face. It's now a fashion staple; a not to be overlooked accessory important to the total look. Each season we unleash a new OPI polish collection to complement the fashion forward.

Tend Skin lotion reduces the appearance of razor bumps, ingrown hairs and skin redness after hair removal. This means Tend Skin lotion is good for women and men. Men can use it on their faces, necks and back of the head. Women will find it useful on legs, bikini lines, underarms and anywhere else hair removal creates ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Tend Skin lotion works very quickly. You will see results in 24 hours.