hand care

Featuring. . . You Mani   27
Hot Mitt Hand Treatment   30
French Manicure   30
Hybrid Nail Gel   20
Nail Wraps/Overlays   70
Nail Extensions   80

foot care

Featured Pedi   55+

Each season we feature a new pedi to surprise and pamper your toes. You’ll love our Tangy Toes, Frappacino Foot Treat, Mojit-toes, Warm Milk and Mud Pedi, Lemoncell-toes etc. Pure pleasure for your feet.

Featuring. . . You Pedi   50
Foot Treat   42


Lash Tint   28
Brow Tint   20
Brow Shaping   26

hair removal

Lip/chin   15
Brow Shaping   26
Brow Maintenance   20
Half leg   40
Full leg   65
Full leg & bikini   85
Bikini   30
Bikinitini   42
Brazillian   50+
Arm   35
Underarm   18
Stomach   15
Fingers/toes   10
Back/chest   60

make up

Makeup application 90
Makeup Lesson 110
Hands on Makeup Lesson 150
Bridal Makeup Consultation 85
Beauty Checkup free w/purchase over 85
bring in your cosmetics and we’ll show you what to keep and what to toss.

gift certificate

Treat your friends, family, employees or valuable clients to a great gift they will always be delighted to receive.



Facials are customized to feature. . . you. Simply let us know how much time you can invest and we’ll do the rest. . .

Hydra-Plus   75 min / 155

Using a Hydradermie machine to give specialized gels a push, we drench the skin with much needed moisture and oxygenation. A hydrating massage and skin-specific mask is the topper to this nourishing facial.

Crystal Peel   75 min / 160

We use a microdermabrasion machine to deliver immediate results. Skin is instantly Firmer (boosts collagen production), Smoother (promotes regeneration and growth of new skin cells) Radiant (improves circulation and skin’s ability to absorb topical moisturizers)

ACE   60 mins / 135

Facial includes a double exfoliation, which gets blood flowing, promotes circulation and muscle relaxation. A refreshing cold stone massage reduces inflammation, improves tone, helps with decongestion and soothes. These benefits combined with ACErola, the superfruit that contains 50 times more Vitamin C than oranges, make this a cool treatment that brightens, repairs and renews skin.

Tone & Glow   75 min / 135

High doses of Vitamin C are used in this facial. Orange extract stimulates the production of collagen (prevents sagging) oxygenates and boosts cellular activity. An intense thermal mask after a refreshing citrus massage leaves your skin tightened, toned and glowing.

Radiant & Refreshed   60 min / 125

This Facial uses Glycolic acid to deeply exfoliate (dissolve dead skin cells, smooth skin), draw moisture into newly exfoliated skin (plump skin) and boost collagen production (reduce fine lines). It leaves skin Radiant and Refreshed.

GOLD-Luxe   90 min/225

Your skin will experience the benefits of this precious metal and indulge in an anti-oxidant boost. GOLD helps transport oxygen molecules directly to the skin (helps the removal of toxins), attracts more blood to the area (improves circulation), provides new energy levels which then speed up cellular regeneration (and in turn rejuvenation).  GOLD'S anti-inflammatory properties are also effective in slowing melanin production and reducing sun/age spots. our GOLD-Luxe treatment makes your skin glow.

express facials

Express Facials are great if you don’t have a lot of time to invest

Peeling Groovy, Mask-erade, Pore-fection, or Come and Glow Express Facials     30 min / 65


Total Body Bliss   90 min / 195 

This head-to-toe treat includes a full body exfoliation, softening paraffin hand treatment, hydrating facial, neck and decollete mask, and a mind-melting demi massage

Body Buff   60 min / 105

We buff, scrub and rub your skin with a blend of sea salts and essential oils that leave your skin silky smooth and refined.

Relaxing Aroma Massage   60 min / 95


Prices subject to change without notice