Preparing for the big day requires strategy. Adjust your routine NOW then reap the benefits later. The following good habits will help you keep that bridal glow for years to come.

Register with our Bridal Beauty Registry which allows you to receive (or give) any of our many services and/or spa packages. You can specially design a spa package named after yourself (i.e.: Jane Doe's bridal party spa day) as a gift to your bridesmaids (gift certificates which are specially wrapped save lots of time and you don't have to worry about size or colour-they'll love the services and so will you.)

Book a complimentary skin analysis. Its more important to take care of rather than cover up your skin. We design a skin care system for home use and prescribe specialized in-salon facial treatments resulting in healthy, glowing skin and longer-lasting makeup. The single, most important beauty ritual besides rest is our Hydra-Plus facial treatment, great the day before.

Book make-up/hair test run. During your hair and makeup test run you'll spend approximately 1 hour each with our make-up artists and/or hairstylists who will use their talents to show you how great you'll look on your special day.

Book make-up/hair for your wedding. Confirm your Bridal Hair and Make Up Booking. Tell us when (time) and where (location) you'd like to have your services done (note that most photographers start with the bride approx. 2-3 hours before the ceremony). Will you entire bridal party plus mother(s) and out-of-towners need services?

Hair options. Remember to factor in plenty of time before your wedding to let hair grow out, try another cut and/or colour. Consult with our stylists regarding your hair's health and texture. Is a conditioning treatment needed? Are you using the correct styling aids at home?

Hair removal. Laser is recommended for any area excluding eyebrows and waxing for larger areas (legs, arms). Single treatments work but for long lasting results regular appointments are necessary (waxing-monthly, laser-6 to 8 weeks).

Your body. Moisturize your entire body and treat breakouts on your shoulders, back, etc. the same way you would facial breakouts. Try our Total Body Bliss.

3 Months Before
Eyebrows. Have your brows shaped professionally (let them grow in for at least 2-3 weeks before). Remodelling your eyebrows will make your eyes look larger and it's the quickest and most dramatic way to change your appearance.

Nails. Your hand and nails will be in constant view when you show off your new ring etc. Weekly manicures will get your nails in shape. Book A Spa Day for you and your entire bridal party. It's a day of pampering which is great in preparation for the big day.

Days Before
To get a beautiful bronzed glow, arrange for a tropic tan treatment. Have your eyelashes permed and tinted. Then, book yourself and husband-to-be in for a relaxing manicure, pedicure, Hydra-Plus, facial treatment and massage (you'll need it).

The Wedding Day
Reap the benefits of our skin, make-up and hair experts combined with these good habits and SMILE as you walk down the aisle in confidence.

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