3 DIY Masking Tips that will boost their effectiveness

How would you like an at-home DIY Facial like the one our Spa Therapist would give you?. . .

Face MASKS are designed to be used intermittently to give your skin an instant boost just like a Spa Facial Treatment (well, almost like it). There’s nothing quite like a Face MASK to step up your skincare routine. They deliver highly concentrated actives, vitamins and nutrients to the skin to improve its overall health.

Here's 3 DIY Masking Tips that will boost their effectiveness:

Exfoliate before Masking* Exfoliation not only removes dead skin, it improves circulation and makes it easier for your skin to absorb the active ingredients in your mask

For an extra boost, add your favorite serum under your Mask (after exfoliating)* Let it penetrate before you apply the Mask. 

Multi-tasking Masking* Apply different Masks to different areas of your face based on the condition of your skin and what it needs.

Designed as Intensive Treatments, MASKS are occlusive, meaning that the active ingredients are trapped under a barrier preventing any loss of absorption through evaporation when applied topically.

MASKS are Powerful Beauty Boosters plus they’re quick (10mins/week) and easy to use. Invest in a professional MASK today and create your own at-home facial experience.           

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