how to fake the bright-eyed radiant effects of a full 8 hours of sleep

SLEEP is Restorative 
If your skin doesn’t have a chance to do its regular maintenance and repair overnight, it shows. Here’s 3 ways to fake the bright-eyed radiant effects of a full 8 hours:

CHILL OUT and De-PUFF* A cold shower and a face plunge in ice water will not only make you feel more awake, it has a toning effect. The cold also stimulates circulation, shrinks capillaries and activates lymphatic drainage (drains toxins & de-puffs).


EXFOLIATE* The repair work that happens at night includes whisking away dead skin cells that leave your skin looking dull and tired. A good exfoliation in the a.m. can do the same thing-quickly. Try: Biological Peel (with Fruit Acids that exfoliate & activate cellular regeneration & Green Tea that stimulates, moisturizes and regenerates) or Exfoliating Parfait Scrub (exfoliating micro-particles refine skin texture, shea micro-particles smooth and soften, sweet almond oil nourishes and replenishes skin’s lipids)


MOISTURIZE* Lack of sleep can compromise your skin’s lipid barrier and make it tough for it to retain water. The dehydration then accentuates fine lines which makes you look even more tired. Use a good moisturizer to restore your skin’s balance. click for some of our favs        


Whatever the cause, a sleepless night leaves your skin just as groggy as your mind but you can fake it until you wake it!

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