3 ways to rev up your ususal skincare routine


Even if you are using the most perfect creams religiously, you may be getting only a fraction of what they truly have to offer. Here's 3 simple ways to rev up your usual skincare routine. .                                              

EXFOLIATE the average person has 30 layers of dead skin cells on their face. Those dead cells act as barrier. Cleansers do a good job of removing dirt (not dead cells), but to truly increase your skincare's absorption, you'll need an exfoliator.  Exfoliating 2-3 times/week enhances the penetration of your products. 

FOLLOW the RIGHT ORDER skincare products should be applied in order of density. Layer products from the thinnest (serums) to the thickest (sunscreen). Serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients so they are best applied on your bare skin because whatever is applied first penetrates best.

APPLY TO JUST-WASHED SKIN damp skin like a sponge, quickly absorbs whatever comes its way. When your skin is hydrated and plumped-up like after cleansing or a shower, ingredients penetrate more easily into and between cells which is especially important when you're using products that need to work their way down into slightly deeper layers of your skin to do things like stimulate collagen. 

Amp up your existing skincare regime with these 3 simple performance enhancing tips.

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