5 Dry and Dehydrated Skin Facts


The underlying causes and symptoms of Dry and Dehydrated skin vary, but all have a  disturbed moisture balance in common. When skin is not balanced, it looks dull, feels dry and is unable to protect our bodies from external irritants so it  becomes sensitive.  


Here's 5* Dry and Dehydrated Skin Facts:   

FACT #1  Dehydrated skin lacks the water it needs  to remain healthy, resulting in an oily, sensitive or dull skin tone.   Skin may contain plenty of oil but not enough water to keep it balanced.  To compensate for the lack of moisture, skin may overproduce oil and as a result can feel dry & oily at the same time. Overproduction of oil can then result in clogged pores, breakouts, dry patches and fine lines.

Although Dehydrated skin can be caused by many different factors, it's usually the result of using the wrong products for your skin which leads to an imbalance. The most important thing you can do to take care of dehydrated skin is to assess your skin care routine, and stop using harsh, sensitizing products. For some of our fav skincare products click 

FACT #2 Dry skin is caused by an internal imbalance that is often genetic.  Conditions like an under active thyroid or imbalanced hormone levels can cause dry skin and because internal balance is genetic, it can  be   treated  but not cured.   The internal balance interferes with the production of natural oils that protect skin and help retain moisture.    External causes like hot showers, harsh detergents and soaps, can also contribute to dry skin condition 

FACT #3 You can't have both oily and dry skin You can have oily and dehydrated skin but not oily and dry skin.  Oily skin means your skin produces too much oil whereas Dry skin  means  it doesn't produce enough oil. These simply contradict each other.

FACT #4 You can't drink your way to hydrated skin The water you drink actually goes to  serve  all  your  internal  organs  first, filtering through your liver and kidneys and helping your cells run smoothly before  making it to your skin's surface.  

FACT #5 To maintain healthy, well-balanced skin use the right moisturizer  Moisturizers   contain   emollients   and   hydrators. Emollients keep moisture in the skin and hydrators attract water to the skin. All moisturizers contain a  mixture  of  both but the percentage varies. Following the right skin care routine can help minimize the sensitivity of your skin by balancing, improving and preserving your skin’s natural barrier.


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