How to drain tension and toxins, slow down aging and promote healthy glowing skin


Most of hold a lot of tension in our face. When we feel stressed or tired we tense our forehead and eye area without realizing. Facial massage wakes up your face draining tension and toxins from your face to slow down aging and promote healthy glowing skin. 


How FACE Massage makes your skin glow

⭐ stimulates circulation
⭐ increases blood flow
⭐ slows down aging
⭐ reduces puffiness
⭐ tones facial muscles
⭐ improves the absorption of your skincare products
⭐ kick-starts lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins
and keep your skin fresh, clean and vibrant.
For  healthy glowing skin, massage your face for 3-5 minutes. Plus, combining this technique with your favorite skincare will amplify the benefits . . .
Skincare benefits aside, face massages are just as great at relieving emotional tension as they are at calming muscle tension.
Enjoy and get Glowing!
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