An excercise that will make you feel good about yourself

Spring cleaning is the ideal opportunity to get rid of expired products and ensure everything you're putting on your skin is clean, effective, and safe.

Although product types vary in their PAOs (period after opening) and toss dates, so do the conditions that they should be stored in.  Here’s some of the DOs and DONT'S of making your Products last . . .  

DO   store products in a dark, dry area like a medicine cabinet or drawer  

DON'T store products in direct sunlight (like a window sill)

DON'T  put your own spin on the manufacturer’s directions

DO   wash your hands before using products

DON'T  add water or saliva to stretch or remoisten your products

DO  keep your fingers out of the product container (use a spatula or q-tip)

DO  tighten/secure lid/closure after each use

DON'T let your products sit in your car on a hot day

DO toss eye products if you’ve had an eye  infection

DON'T share your products with others (including family members)

DO abide by expiration dates and PAOs (period after opening)

The potential consequences of using expired or contaminated products:

Best case* products just stop doing what they should do; they change their appearance, smell and color or, become sticky and oily
Worst case* using them can result in skin irritation, dermatitis, allergic reactions and infection


An exercise that will make you feel good about yourself These tips + tossing products that are passed their prime will ensure everything you’re putting on your skin is clean, effective and safe . . .