Think MEN’s skincare products are just a marketing strategy? . . .

Many of us assume that skin is skin, but actually, MEN’s skin differs from WOMEN’s in a number  of ways, mainly due to their hormonal differences. Here’s how:

💠A man’s skin thins with age, whereas a woman’s skin maintains a consistent thickness until after menopause, at which point her skin starts to thin as well.

💠Men’s skin texture is rougher than women’s (women can thank estrogen for their soft, smooth skin)

💠Men have a higher collagen density than women. Their skin is thicker than women’s—by about 25%

💠The ageing process starts later for men but when it does, it’s also faster than women’s

💠Male pores are larger and produce more sebum. The large pore size also causes more shaving-related issues such as ingrown hair.

💠Men’s skin is more acne-prone but the sebum production lubricates skin and creates excellent water barrier properties.

💠When they sweat, men also produce more lactic acid, a natural humectant, so their levels of tissue hydration improve


It's not only a matter of marketing and packaging, MEN’s skin is actually quite different from WOMEN’s, hence the need for specific products and treatments.


MEN’s skincare products like Guinot’s After Shave Balm, Longue Vie Face Cream , Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel and Cleansing Gel are manufactured keeping their unique skin qualities in mind. . .