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Sleeping in your makeup prevents your skin from renewing and regenerating overnight. If you’re too tired to perform your entire cleansing routine, use a Micellar Cleansing Water--a multi-purpose tonic that can be used as a makeup remover, cleanser or toner. . .

It's perfect for all skin types, (even sensitive complexions). It's also ideal for packing when you’re on-the-go because you can use it to remove makeup and wash your face without having to rinse it off, which is a total game-changer.

Micellar water is a great alternative for cleansing because it contains soft water along with micelles, which are tiny balls of oil naturally attracted to the debris on the skin. The product was traditionally popular in France because of the notoriously hard water in Paris, which may be extremely harsh on the skin. It is now very popular here because of its effectiveness and convenience.

The micelles act like tiny magnets and attract impurities on the skin’s surface—think: dirt, oil, and makeup. This allows them to remove all the gunk without stripping your skin or throwing off its natural balance.

If you want to achieve the radiant complexion of your dreams, remove your makeup properly. You don’t want to give the day’s pore-clogging irritants the chance to sink in and do damage overnight . . . 


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