Skin Type aside, how do you choose the right Skincare?. . .

Choosing the right skincare is important for maintaining healthy skin. Skin type aside, here’s 6 things you need to consider:

🤍 Set specific skincare goals Skin type aside, decide if your priority is to repair* a particular issue (acne, dark spots etc.), prevent* one (fine lines, dullness etc.) or, simply maintain* a healthy glow. A miracle product that does it all – instantly overnight doesn’t exist.

🤍 Start with the basics Regardless of what type of skin you have, there are basic skincare commandments that form the basis of every good regimen; Cleanser, Moisturizer, Exfoliator and Sunscreen. Then, when you are ready to take the next step, add an Eye Cream and Mask. Keep it simple, and be consistent-for the top 4 reasons why click here

🤍 It may take a while to actually see results. This is due to the nature of our skin cycle: since it takes about a month for new skin cells to form, push to the surface, and slough off, it makes sense that you need to wait at least that long to see any changes show up.

🤍 You don’t have your friend’s skin. There are no bad products, but sometimes people use the wrong product for their type of skin. Stop wanting the exact same product as your friend or the “amazing” one that the influencer recommends because most of the time it is not for you.

🤍 Don’t buy into the hype Trendy and newer doesn’t always mean better. Beautiful packaging and popularity are sometimes easy traps that we fall into. Choose products with ingredients that have been extensively tested and proven.

🤍 Consult a skincare pro. We have extensive knowledge about products and can make recommendations to get you off to the right start. We’ll prescribe a simple yet effective skincare routine customized to your needs

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