Did you resolve to make a change this year? Here's are some good skincare habits that shouldn't change

This is the time of year when many of us make resolutions. We make promises to transform ourselves or change something we do or don’t do. That doesn’t always have to be the case-especially when it comes to some skin habits. Here are some good skin habits that shouldn’t change:

Clean out your skincare stash* A massive skincare collection means lots of unused products. Go through your skincare once every 6 months and keep only your favs and must-haves and passing on products that don’t work for you. Also, be sure to toss products that have expired or have changed colour, smell or texture.

Maintain a hands-off policy* You may be anxiously touching your face, which can make breakouts worse plus picking can lead to inflammation, pain, infection and  scarring.

Get a Good Night's Sleep* Your skin is busy repairing and rebuilding itself while you snooze.  All that work consumes 40% of your skin's moisture, making using a moisturizer at night an absolute necessity.  If your body is sleep-deprived it produces more stress hormones which speed up the aging process. 

Do one stress-relieving activity each day*Going to the gym, yoga, a walk with a  friend or a pet,  and other relaxing activities are not only great for your mental state, they can have a dramatic effect on your skin. Exercise leads to increased blood flow which is important for your overall health. It also helps nourish skin cells and provide them with vital oxygen that’s need to remain healthy.

Be mindful of Sugar Intake*A reaction called glycation is partially responsible for sugar’s ability to contribute to skin aging. Glucose can cause a chemical reaction with collagen that negatively impacts its structure and function, which causes collagen to become stiff and impairs collagen turnover. Collagen gives skin its support, so impaired collagen could result in a loss of firmness and elasticity.

Moisturize both morning and night* When you moisturize in the morning, you rehydrate and plump the skin. When you moisturize at night, you restore the moisture your skin has lost throughout the day so your skin can repair itself overnight. Keeping skin moisturized not only encourages healthy cell turnover but helps fight the signs of aging.

Use a mild cleanser* You don't have to strip away every bit of oil for skin to be clean.  Scouring yourself causes irritation and slickness.  When you strip your natural oils, your skin produces extra to compensate.........it's a vicious cycle.

Stay Loyal to your Skin Care Products* Changing brands constantly is taxing on skin.  Products are designed to work together and have cumulative benefits. Your skin changes according to the weather, the environment, your diet, age and hormones.  When any of these changes occur, slowly introduce products to meet your skins' evolving needs.

Put on a Happy Face* A positive attitude is important for general health, including your skin.



When it comes to taking better care of your skin, keeping these regular skincare habits will get you the best results. You can set  resolutions  any time of the year. . .


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